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Student Counseling

The word Career gets recognition in everyone’s life once they pass high School.

At some point of time, every student finds himself or herself caught in the intricate web of career choices. And the web gets even more complicated with the plethora of options available to you.

In today’s time, a Nepali student has many destinations where they are eligible to apply. That is why decision regarding overseas education raises the confusion level by leaps and bounds. What? Where? When? How? All kinds of questions start hovering over your head.

The main source of this confusion, is however, a lack of clarity in what one wants and the complete information regarding the pros and cons of every each option available in the decision making process.

At this critical juncture of your life, you should not devoid yourself from receiving counseling. Actually, you should actively seek for expert counseling rom reliable sources.

And who better than AIP! AIP has the right and required mix of “Expertise, Experience and Authenticity” for helping you carve a Perfect Road Map for your “Dreams” and “Aspirations”, then there will be no blocks in your road to success.