Study Abroad

Why India?

Key facts:

• India is internationally known as a multicultural country. Home of diversity, with different people, different religion, different weather and languages.
• India is the 2nd biggest English Speaking country in the world.
• 3rd Largest Education system of the world.
• India was the only country to have University education in ancient times.
•Home to one of the oldest Universities of the world like Nalanda University which is also known as the oldest university of the world, established around 2700 years ago, was home to over 10,500 students from all across the world. The university offered 64 different fields of study.
• With 7 of the world’s top 15 IT companies based in India, the country is viewed as the second-most favorable outsourcing destination after USA.
•A country which has been producing global leader like Indira Nooyi (Chairman & CEO , Pepsi Co.), Satya Nadella ( CEO, Microsoft), Sundar Pichai ( CEO, Google) and many more.

Study In India

Indian Education has always been focused on practical and knowledge based approach which I believe is the need of the hour in an economy like ours. It also offers an opportunity to the students to reveal the mystery of booming economy and democracy which has been creating leaders worldwide. Being located in the same geographic area, similar Language, culture and custom and less expensive cost of living & education are some of the other factors contributing to my focus on promoting Indian education. Students can focus 100 % on their studies as they are not required to be involved with any part time work to continue education in India as the education cost is affordable to those who wish to have a real foreign degree.